Unique Approach

This is how Achieve 360 personalised tutoring Works

Holistic Diagnostics enables rapid improvement for every child.

We are a pioneer in deploying proprietary technology-enabled diagnostics that enables deep analyses of learning deficits in students. No institution in Singapore is known to do diagnostics the way we do it for better and rapid  student outcomes. Professionally administered, our diagnostic assessments of cognitive performance, learning styles and subject content provide a comprehensive and detailed evaluation of your child’s academic strengths and areas for improvement. Effective interventions are then designed and implemented though our tutoring methodology and that greatly accelerate your child’s learning.

Personalised Learning

Every session is made to measure according to every child’s personalised learning needs. Our unique methodology sets learning at your child’s individual pace while addressing his or her learning needs. Learning is also made fun, hence, engaging. All these together with our tutor’s observations accelerate your child’s progress and performance in school tests/exams.

Experienced Tutors

Our trained, friendly and experienced tutors are at hand to help your child. Our tutors are well trained in our tutoring course/methodology developed by a top NIE Professor.

Assured Results

It is all about improved performance and better results! We evaluate and reinforce progress to engage your child. We assure results. Visit your nearest centre for more details.

Our unique personalised and effective packages are intimately tailored to your child’s abilities and pace based on deep diagnostics and learning based on skill mastery will rapidly improve your child’s academic performance.

We will do our best to ensure that your child is happy and succeeds with us. After enrolment with us you will witness the rapid progress of your child within a short time*

*provided that your child attends regularly and follows our proven methodology closely.

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This is an additional service. We provide additional Homework help for children enrolled in our centres.

Customised Holiday programmes in English, Maths and other 21st century skills enrichment are available.

Call your nearest centre now for more details.

Affordable and Value Pricing

We have a comprehensive price list for every subject and level.
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