Our Assurance

Our Personalized Tutoring Assurance

Achieve 360 works. We know from decades of experience that it really works.

If you want progress, Achieve 360 delivers better than most centres in Singapore. We use our nearly two decades of experience of helping thousands of students succeed in school. You do not settle for anything next to the best!

Our Personalised Tutoring Assurance

Your Achieve 360 team will get to know your child to put together an education programme that’s unique to his or her needs. Your son or daughter deserves the best. That’s why Achieve 360 uses a state-of-the-art methodology to make sure your child gets a completely personalised programme that will work for him or her. 

Your child will always have a learning environment that is conducive and ensures skill mastery. We know how to ensure sessions are effective, reinforcing, and enjoyable. Your child masters every skill under our tutelage balanced with independent practice. 

Your child will learn from leading curricula that align with school requirements. Our pedagogy experts continually update learning materials for your child to meet today’s evolving educational needs. Our curriculum is customised specifically for your child’s individual needs. 

Your child will manifest proficiency in at least 50 skills within 50 hours of tutelage because we are as focused on results as you are. Skill proficiency builds your child’s foundation for longer-term success. And we can present your child’s exact progress at any point. 

What do these mean? With Achieve 360, you will soon see your child’s confidence surge. You will start to see your child participate more in school. Academic work will become easier for him or her as grades improve. You will see your child smile more and you will know why. You will know Achieve 360 is your right choice.





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